Why Michelin?

Michelin® Passenger Car Tires
“The longest-lasting and most fuel-efficient tires in the category.*”
MICHELIN® Passenger Car Tires not only help significantly reduce fuel
consumption but also outlast the competition by a surprisingly wide
margin. Combined, these advantages make MICHELIN® Passenger tires,
mile for mile, the best value on the road.
* Category defined as premium priced Sport and Touring passenger products.

Michelin® Crossover/SUV Tires
“The industry’s ultimate combination of ride quality and toughness.*”
MICHELIN® SUV and Crossover Tires are built using steel that is 40% stronger
than the competition, and yet they offer one of the most comfortable rides
in the industry, making them the right choice for drivers who want a car-like
ride without sacrificing truck-like toughness.  * Based on steel cable strengths for Cross Terrain® and Latitude® Tour HP tires.

Michelin®Light Truck Tires
“The most proven light truck tire for durability and toughness.”
The MICHELIN® LTXTM family of light truck tires has been on the road longer
with more sales than any competitive line. They also offer a third steel belt
for heavy-duty applications. So for drivers looking for a tire they can rely on,
Michelin is proven to deliver.

Michelin®Winter Tires
“An uncompromising combination of starting, stopping and cornering
traction that lasts winter after winter.” MICHELIN®Winter Tires use unique tread designs and cold-weather rubber
compounds that provide better traction and shorter stopping distances
than competitive tires.